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Our Journey Towards the Eco-Tourism Certification

Mercure Sydney Parramatta Sustainability Practices

At Mercure Sydney Parramatta we are working toward eliminating single use plastics as part of Accor’s commitment to do our part toward a better future for our planet #NoMorePlastic below are just some of the changes we have implemented recently stays tuned for more:

  • We use Purezza bottles in all rooms instead of plastic bottles & the refill station outside the restaurant to refill water as needed by guests. Purezza Water – Premium Water Systems
  • Offer Carbon Neutral events through Accor partnership
  • Updated our BMS Hotel system to minimize consumption of energy & control emissions.
  • Have accessible bathrooms & hotel rooms for guests with special needs.

Read more about Accor’s Sustainability Strategy.

Our Environmental Aim & Objective

Our environmental aim is to provide sustainable accommodation for environmentally conscious travelers. To achieve this, we have designed our operation in compliance with environmental policies. 

Working systematically with environmental issues such as climate change will help to reduce costs, for example energy and water consumption and waste. 

As well as providing benefits to the business, we are personally determined to limit our impact on the environment as it is the right thing to do. 

As an urban hotel, our environmental aims and objectives include:

  • To minimise the consumption of energy and water.
  • To minimise the generation of waste.
  • To educate our guests on our environmental policies and how to reduce their impact by developing their appreciation and understanding.
  • To source products locally where possible (i.e. construction, repairs & maintenance, food & beverage, furnishings, etc.).
  • To continue to employ local staff.
  • To continue to improve the environmental performance of our operation.
  • To monitor and assess environmental opportunities, risks and impacts regularly.
  • To partake in local environmental initiatives.
  • To support local flora and fauna.
  • To ensure no long term environmental or cultural impacts as a result of our operation.
  • To reduce contributions to greenhouse gas emissions and make regular revisions to adaptation strategies against climate change.

We’re passionate about protecting our planet and committed to reducing our footprint where possible. Stay tuned as we work toward achieving Eco-Tourism Certification. Read more about Eco-Tourism Australia Certification Eco Certification | Ecotourism Australia

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